Balloon Flight at Dawn

First step to take to fly the skies of Mallorca aboard a hot air balloon is: to get to the starting point in the Manacor balloons airport and join the assembly of the flight with the pilot.



Second step: get on board into the basket and get ready to leave the ground of Mallorca increasingly below.

Third step: Enjoy the silence, feel the freedom and distant views from the balloon for about one hour time, to the stylo of the Montgolfier brothers.

Four step: After landing and back to the balloons airport, we close the tour with a breakfast, a diplomas presentation and a video to remember.

Fifht step: think to repeat.

  • Piloto.
  • Briefing or explanation before leaving.
  • Insurance.
  • Air diploma.
  • Transfers back to start point.
  • Flight certificate.
  • Breakfast buffet.
Schedule and duration

At dawn the flight company will determine the timetable depending year season. 4 hours all activity. Fliyng time 1 hour.


From 4 years old.


All year round.


We recommend to wear a hat as well as comfortable shoes and sportwear. Not suitable  for pregnat or for people who can not stand for one hour.

Meeting Point

Presentarse en el punto de encuentro 10/15 minutos antes de la hora de salida.