Surf Course in 5 days

Intensive Surf Course 5 days: learn from the very best in Famara, Lanzarote.



Lanzarote has international quality waves. The secret? Its volcanic depths where waves break very good, plenty of choise and plenty or power.

And the vbest beach for sports in Famara, where any day of the year it is suitable to glide over the waves. There you can learn with the best surfers of Lanzarote in an ISA (Interrnational Surfing Association) school.

Also there you will meet surfers coming from all over the world, and as you they have been feeling attracted to “The Hawaii in Europe” surfing paradise.

In order to make the most of your time and money our instructors leave every morning to look over the beach area which is the most appropiated to start school and so adapt it to the level of the students.

Classes include: Theory, practice, packed lunches on the beach and all the necessary equipment, provided with the latest generation of leading brands.

  • All necessary equipment.
  • Instructor.
  • Picnic at the beach.
Schedule and duration

5 days and 25 hours.


All year round.

Meeting Point

Presentarse en el punto de encuentro 10/15 minutos antes de la hora de inicio.