Camel route 1 hour

Riding a camel, Lanzarote looks best. One hour tour on the volcanic landscape of the island. Option single or dual (adult+child or two children per camel).



Although they make seem vague and sloopy the best way to walk around the unusual nature of Lanzarote is on the back of their camels.

Always chewing food and asking for more with those eyes of long eyelashes that seem to speak for themselves, there is no camel alike, but they all amaze us with their ability to survive in the desert.
So they are the best choice for tours, the “jeep” more prepared for the desert, they never overheat and never run out for gas. The best reward for riding to such a magnificent animal is repecting his personality and that he would be able to cross the desert with us over the hump.
Enjoy a riding trip on this exceptional mammal, the most authentic way to explore Lanzarote and then receive your personalized camel driver card.

  • All necessary equipment.
  • Liability Insurance.
Schedule and duration

From 09:30h to 19:00h. About 1 hour.


From 5 years old.


All year round.

Meeting Point

Presentarse en el punto de encuentro 10/15 minutos antes de la hora de salida.