Special for Couples! Flyboard + Baptism diving

Enjoy this plan for couple in Ibiza combined Flyboard and diving courses. Two totally different experiences for a spectacular photo album and lasting memories.

From 380€


Special offer for couples combines several activities. Activities can do the same day or on different days.

Flyboard in Ibiza.
The Flyboard in Ibiza has become more fashionable experience while on holiday on the island.

You can not miss the opportunity to discover the Flyboard in Ibiza. The most agile in a few minutes can be moved in the water like a dolphin and defy gravity as a superhero. The nozzles give the push and inclination you can move in different directions.

Baptism diving.
Explore the seabed of Ibiza with this baptism of diving from a boat and qualified instructors.

Enjoy diving in Ibiza with no previous experience. Knows the waters of Ibiza carried out diving from boats and under the supervision of qualified instructors. It includes all necessary equipment and boat ride to the activity.

  • Liability insurance.
  • Specialized and qualified instructors.
  • Complete diving equipment.
Schedule and duration

Schedules to achieve.
Flyboard: 15-minute session per person.
Baptism of diving: 3 hours duration.


From May 1 to October 31.


Do not have flown or fly the same day.

Meeting Point

Presented at the meeting point 30 minutes before start time.