Windsurfing for beginners

Your Windsurfing premiere in Formas bay, with the tourism quality seal Watersport Experience from the Government of the Canary Islands.

From 35€


Start with the aquatic experience by this Windsurfing course for beginners, water sport that mixes the best of the sea: sailing and balancing on the board while you decide how far you want to go.

The courses are usually made in the bay of Formas, an ideal place for practicing this sport of adventure in which you will be from day one on the water. Step by step learning the theory of the different courses, the rigging mechanisms, equipment assembly and navegation techniques.

That you do not miss a second of fun, our instructors will accompany you during the whole two ours of the course. We will also hand all necessary equipment (board, rig, wetsuit, life vest) and security measures.

  • All necessary equipment.
  • Liability Insurance.
Schedule and duration

Monday to sunday from 10:00h to 17:00. About 2 hours.


From 8 years old.


All year round.

Meeting Point

Presentarse en el punto de encuentro 10/15 minutos antes de la hora de inicio.