Rope Jumping, into the void

If you like to jump as higher the better and in contact with the nature. Yours is the Jumping Rope or Bungee Jumping off a cliff in Gran Canaria.



It is not the same stay hung upside from 15 meters than doing it from 30 meters high and watching the ocean waves beat against the cliff.

Are you already starting to imaging it ?... The ocean breeze by pinching cheeks and the salty smell of the sea while your whole body tighten the heart throb faster and faster from 30 meters high, under your feet, the ocean. 3, 2, 1 ...JUMP !

Do not think it twice and rent your “flight” and the greatests adrenaline rush of extreme sports in Gran Canaria.

  • All equipment.
  • Liability insurance.
Schedule and duration

Negotiable. About 20 minutes.


All year round.

Meeting Point

Presentarse en el punto de encuentro 10/15 minutos antes de la hora de salida.