Learn the history of the sea salt

Discover the gastronomy and the mariner atmosphere of Fuerteventura. A cultural tour that can be so an exciting adventure because its a plan to enrich and cultivate your mind!



The salt is present in our daily diet, but wonder how seldom reaches our tables. How about a cultural plan where you learn the history of the sea salt of Fuerteventura ? Come and tour with us to visit for a day of leisure, of about 9 hours, different museums where you will find the gastronomy and the mariner atmosphere of the Canary islands.

A route where we reveal and transmit the mariner and fishery aspects that have influenced the insular culture, with the sea salt as the undisputed protagonist, because, can you imagine a world without salt ? As this is precisely a condiment that has been so important in the history of Fuerteventura.

Enjoy this activity with your family or grouop of friends. Visit a fishing village; the famous Salt Museum, located in one of the most salt production sites of the Canary islands; Museum Toston where are displayed the fishing gear of Cotillo village and, of course, a walk through its beach and the town area around where we will taste a lunch of fresh fish. Surely we have already opened your appetite.

Ah ! And do not worry about transfers because we collect the groups from their accommodation.

Easy, no ? So do not hesitate and add salt to your life!

  • Transfer + Guide.
  • Lunch + Entrance to museums.
Schedule and duration

From 09:00 to 18:00 hours. About 9 hours.


All year round.


If weather allows, bring swimsuit, sunscreen and towel so we will have a swim by the Cotillo area.

Meeting Point

Presentarse en el punto de encuentro 10/15 minutos antes de la hora de inicio.